Weeks 30 and 31

Thursday, November 6, 2008 at 10:53 pm (Fun Times, Get outta town!, Oh Baby!, Parker)


30 Weeks

30 Weeks

31 Weeks

31 Weeks

Things are going great! We traveled to Dallas this weekend and had 2 baby showers. One was from our church friends at Allen Bible and the other was Nixon family and friends in Arlington. Thanks to everyone for making this such a special time for us! We had a blast with all of you!

This week has been crazy busy. James started another job with Grainger (along with UPS) and is loving it! We are also moving into our new place and we’re planning on spending our first night there tomorrow! My mom and I are working hard at getting everything unpacked and ready. She is so wonderful-I truly don’t know what I’d do without her! Her and my sister (who is also fabulous!) worked out there this weekend and cleaned it all up and got it ready for the move while we were in Dallas. This was such a sweet ministry that they performed for us and a fantastic surprise! (The duplex is brand new and hasn’t ever been lived in but it needed vacuuming, mopping, dusting etc.)

So-I know I’ve promised pics soon of nursery and projects and they WILL be coming soon! I’ve just got to get it all done and decorated first.

Does it already look like Parker is dropping? I’m not sure when this normally happens and perhaps it’s just because I’m growing but in my 31 week pic my belly looks lower to me. What do you think?


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Our “Wooden” Anniversary

Friday, October 24, 2008 at 9:25 pm (Fun Times, Get outta town!, Love Sweet Love)

James and I celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary on the 18th. We spent the afternoon at a corn maze and pumpkin patch in the booming town of Southwest City, Missouri, which is about 45 minutes away. (Please note: Southwest CITY has a population of 917 people. Insert your own witty comment here.) We had a lot of fun just being together in the great outdoors. During our trek through the 7 acre corn maze we ran into my sister and her family. Small world, yes? It was fun to see the nieces and watch them go down the big roller slide (see pics). Anyway, we had a great afternoon and then went here for dinner. And I ate the following for dessert. It is one of the greatest desserts known to man. And. I. ate. almost. an. entire. slice. myself. Shut up. I’m pregnant.

Here are some fun pics of the day. Somehow I missed getting a pic of my oldest niece going down the slide. 😦 Notice the intense look of concentration on James’ face as he goes down the slide. He was seriously trying to get as much speed as possible. And yes, I too went down the slide but it wasn’t bumpy or anything. My sister assured me it was safe enough so-after much consideration I went for it! You might be able to tell from the picture that  I (unlike my hubby) was trying to not go too fast. But that was for Parker’s sake, not mine. We plan on taking him here next year.







We had a really great day and we’ve had a wonderful 5 years! I love you Baby!!!

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23 Weeks and a Few Words

Saturday, September 13, 2008 at 8:35 pm (Get outta town!, Oh Baby!, Parker)


23 Weeks

23 Weeks

Okay, okay…I know I’ve been bad. I haven’t been writing but simply posting the pics. What can I say? It’s easier!!! Actually, the reason behind the lack of writing is just that I’ve been so tired! I am thoroughly enjoying being pregnant but it is just utterly exhausting for me. I’ve been waiting (and waiting and waiting) on my endocrinologist’s office in Dallas to send some lab sheets to check my growth hormone level. I have a feeling it’s low and that is probably what is contributing to the fatigue. Most women get a renewed sense of energy during the 2nd trimester but I haven’t at all. Parker may just be “using up” all of my growth hormone-we’ll find out if the office would ever send me the paperwork to get my blood drawn! I’ve only called them several hundred times about it. Ugh.

Actually on Monday I’m headed to Dallas anyway so I’ll probably just run by the place. I’m going to be in Allen for a couple of days catching up with friends and then I’m taking a trip with my mother-in-law and my sister-in-law. We’re going to Bay City (down by Houston) to visit some family and just spend some quality time together. It should be a blast! I’m excited to see everyone in Allen and Bay City but I’ll be missing James something fierce! 

So, there’s a very brief update. When I’m this tired I am really just uninspired to write anything. But…at least I did something, huh?!?

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Red House Photography Blog Updated

Tuesday, July 1, 2008 at 10:42 pm (Big Business, Fun Times, Get outta town!)

and this blog will be updated soon too! We are settling in after moving to northwest Arkansas! I’ve been so busy so that I haven’t even blogged about that yet but we HAVE moved and I will tell you more in the next day or so! Happy blogging!

Check it out!

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Moving on Up…

Monday, June 9, 2008 at 11:58 am (Big Business, Fun Times, Get outta town!, Murmurs from the Future, Oh Baby!)

to the northwest side? Doesn’t have quite the same ring as the original but it is true nonetheless! We are moving to Northwest Arkansas!

Here’s what’s going down.

James has been looking for a job (in DFW) for the past 3 months but we just haven’t found anything really worthwhile. NWA has always been tucked away in our minds as somewhere we’d like to live but the timing just never seemed right. Well…at least until now.

With sweet Baby in our lives our desire to live in small town Arkansas by family and friends has grown stronger. The fact that no interesting job prospects have been found in DFW and with housing prices the way they are here (for what we pay in rent for an apartment here we could have a really nice home in NWA) the timing has never seemed better. So, we prayed that God would guide us and not allow us to make a mistake and…this is the decision we’ve come to! My wonderful parents are graciously hosting us when we make our move and until we can find where we will live and James is settled into his job. (He left today to go up and start looking.) 

We will make our move around the end of this month. Our current lease is up July 5th. So-it will be quick which is better for me (go on and rip the band-aid off fast!) because although I am extremely excited about this move it will still be bittersweet leaving Texas behind. James’ family lives an hour from us right now and we have many friends that we will miss. And I have to admit…I will even miss being a Texan. There is some kind of pride that must be secretly injected into a person when they move here and like a virus it grows and gets into your blood. So-I WILL miss being a Texan gal but it will be well worth it to live near my fabulous family!

With all that being said here are a few other notes of interest. We are not sure exactly WHICH town we will settle in but we have hopes that it will be Siloam Springs. Red House Photography will being making the transition with us, of course (with reduced sitting fees announced soon). We would love your prayers as James is looking for a job this week and following. We would love your photography business too! 😀 We are super excited about this new era in our lives and look forward to spending more time with you dear friends in NWA! I’ll be keeping you updated!


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Home from Holland

Friday, April 11, 2008 at 1:53 pm (Fun Times, Get outta town!, She's baaack!)

Yep. That’s why I have been MIA. Once I recover from some serious jet lag I’ll be back in action.

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It’s almost time!!!

Monday, March 17, 2008 at 2:10 pm (Big Business, Get outta town!)

The Red House Photography website is about to launch. Although it isn’t completely done (galleries won’t be up but there will be a crazy long slideshow on the home page) I felt it important to get it up and rolling ASAP. Spring is here so it is prime time for photography. I’ll give you the final word when it is up. I’m just waiting on bludomain.com now. (By the way…if you ever need a flash site…theirs rock.)

Anyway, Red House also has a blog of its own now. While this blog will remain active as my personal blog, redhousephotography.wordpress.com will be the dedicated site for everything RH. So…feel free to link up the new blog as well as the website! After all, word of mouth is the best advertising so feel free to blab away. 🙂

 I will let you know (on both blogs) as soon as the website is up. 

PS-I will be in northwest Arkansas on Wednesday of this week for about a week. If you are up there and want to book a session let me know. My info is on the other blog. Any session I book for this trip to NWA will receive a 1/2 price session fee ($75 instead of the normal $150). Limited times available. 

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Introducing Word Therapy. Take a seat.

Friday, October 26, 2007 at 1:52 am (Big Business, Get outta town!, Lessons Learned, Murmurs from the Future, Word Therapy)

Well…get ready people, because I am about to unload on you. The last few weeks have been difficult at best and I feel that I am finally to the point of just laying it all out there. As you have probably figured out by now…I am not a shy person. I have no problem talking about life’s nitty-gritty aspects. If you have a problem reading about them…well…this post has been given a PG-13 rating for adult themes; main theme being life. Consider yourself warned.

So, as some of you may be aware James and I are ready to start a family. Fewer of you know that I have taken anti-depressants for the amount of time it takes to grow a teenager. For the past 12 or 13 years (somewhere in there) I have relied on these meds to give my emotions a sense of balance and normalcy. I believe it was in my sophomore year of high school that I started the meds after my family and I realized that I was battling some serious depression. Let me clarify one thing before we go too much further: my cause of depression is completely physical and unfortunately the only way to combat it is through medication. I don’t go to therapy and have never had the need for it. Please know that I am not trying to set myself above others; those for whom therapy is needed. I’m simply explaining the condition so that you can better understand it. My depression is hereditary and stems most likely from other health issues of mine (adult growth hormone deficiency, hypothyroidism).

Okay, back to my point. For the past 12 or 13 years I have been able to be the “real” me with the help of medicine. While I have switched antidepressants countless times during this period, NEVER have I been completely off of them. Until now. Those of you who have similar issues can probably guess just how fun my life is right now. A blast. Please-I love being an emotional wreck. Okay…perhaps not.

I started weaning off the meds a few weeks ago so that we can start trying for our family. And while there are medications out there that are considered “safe” to use during pregnancy, I am trying my best to go it without them. At least until we get past the first trimester. I want to make the best possible decisions for our child and if I can handle life without the antidepressants, well, gosh! I’m going to do it! Of course, like others who are trying to conceive, we have no idea how long it will take. BUT-I will tell you…after having to go through the horrible withdraws of getting off the medications…I’m going to stay off for as long as possible. Hopefully we’ll conceive quickly. Okay…let’s get a bit more specific about my life right now, shall we?


To all of you who once knew me. Yes, I’m still alive. No, I didn’t quit church or the gym. And yes, it is possible that the woman you saw who somewhat resembled me but heavier…it may have been me. Ugh.

So-let’s move through this quickly. I’ve been sick. Similar to having the flu…I’m tired (really exhausted. Anything earlier than about 1pm is getting up early), sick at my stomach, having hot/cold flashes, mood swings faster than any ride at Six Flags (God bless James, remember him in your prayers), and hunger to rival that of a third-world country. That my friends has been life for the past few weeks. These are the reasons that I have not returned your phone calls (sweet though they are), have not been at church (say “Jesus” and I’ll start crying, I promise) and haven’t been to the gym or to my training group (miss you girls). However, I have been seen on the junk food isle of the grocery store. You just gotta know where to look, folks!

Okay-so that’s seems like more fun than I need, right? No? Oh…okay. Let’s add to it.


A few weeks back (same time I started getting off the meds) I went to the OBGYN to get a check-up and talk about starting our family. Since I said that we were pursuing pregnancy the doctor automatically did blood work to check my various hormone levels. Okay, that’s nice. Let’s just make sure everything is in order. I really had no worries. My sister, who has almost identical health issues to me just had her second child. No problems with anything either time. I truly envisioned the same for me. Even though I have worried in the past that God was preparing me for infertility through my desire for adoption, I really didn’t think there was a chance I’d be infertile. I just chalked it up to being a normal woman’s fear. That’s normal, right? I mean, my life’s ambition has always been to be a wife and mother. Well…WHAM.

So, I got a call from the doctor’s office (it was actually the nurse) who asked me if I had talked to the doctor about a medicine called Clomid. “No, I have not but I do know what it is (it’s a medicine that helps women to ovulate when they don’t do it naturally. It has a horrible reputation of causing SEVERE mood swings. I figure I can produce those well enough on my own. I DON’T want any assistance, thank you very much). What are you telling me?” She proceeds to tell me that I’m not ovulating. WHAT? How can this be? My cycle is normal and near down-to-the-day predicable. Why am I even having one if I’m not ovulating? What a waste! Seriously…if I’m not ovulating, I don’t want a period! How unfair!

After hearing this (and remember, I’m already in a super emotional state from my lack of drugs) I lose it. I cry and cry and proceed to cry a bit more. Bless my husband’s heart, he does his best with me and I continue crying. Somehow I make it to the next day without flooding our apartment. On this day I call my mother and cry some more and she quickly reassures me that we are not in a place to worry yet. Labs can be wrong, tests can be done on wrong days etc etc. She definitely makes me feel better.

Okay, so now I’m to the point of “the doctor could be wrong…we’ll wait and see” and that is fitting me pretty well for the time being. I can get through this and will. Thus…I began praying for a miracle. You can pray too.

This was last week. Let’s keep going.


Tuesday morning comes and my husband received a call to go into work. It was his day off but his partner was sick so being the team-player that he is…he sacrificed and went in. About 2 hours later he is on his way back home from the office. For good. He was downsized.

Now, I could say a lot right here and probably get pretty nasty. But-I’m not going to. I could suggest some things that may or may not be true about his former company but I won’t. Mind you-it’s for his sake. Not because I’m exceptionally classy when it comes to things like this because to be honest…you mess with me, my family or my friends and I can get pretty rough. Not proud of it…I just know it’s true. I’m just loyal through and through. I defend those I love. It’s just part of me. But I won’t because he wouldn’t want me to. He’s got a maturity when it comes to situations like this that I have yet to possess.

Well, needless to say…this just elevated the stress level from orange to red. I don’t work so James is the provider; a great one at that. But life is interesting…I just ordered a bunch of photography equipment for the new business. Can’t cancel it because the supply and demand factor is too great. If I did cancel it now there is a chance I wouldn’t be able to get my hands on the stuff for another 6 months or so and I’m not willing to risk it.

So…one door has been definitively closed. Now we’re looking for the open window. And…we may have found it. The day after James was let go he received a call for an interview with a very well-known builder. He had sent in his resume on Tuesday…call came on Wednesday. That interview is happening today at 10:30 am. (It’s currently 1:30 am but I got the urge to write and couldn’t resist it. This is the first time I’ve stayed up late in weeks.)

What’s interesting is that for some time we’ve wondered if he should move on to a better company but really had no idea how business was going for other companies. He’s in new home sales so I’m sure you know what that means in today’s market. Well, it looks like God has decided that it is indeed time to move on and so that’s what we’re doing. Same industry, different builder. We simply pray that things progress quickly. A lot of times the interview process is rather long and drawn-out but we do know that God is in control.


We may be heading to Arkansas tomorrow (today, really) after his interview to go and spend a few days with my family (Big YAY!). James hasn’t gotten to go up since Memorial Day since he normally works weekends and hasn’t met our newest niece Leah yet. We want to just get away and relax and leave all that is normal life in Texas for the weekend.

When we do get back I plan on posting some things that I’ve been meaning to for the past few weeks but haven’t felt up to doing. These include pictures of Leah (and Elenna, of course), pics from my 10 year high school reunion and a post dedicated to Don, Amie and PF Changs, complete with…you guessed it…more pictures! We’ll see what happens.

Anyway, thank you dear WordPress for providing me with an outlet to unburden myself while wasting away hours that should be spent curled up in bed next to my husband. And readers…if you’ve made it this far you’re to be commended. This was an overly long and drawn-out post and sadly…I gave you the reader’s digest (very) condensed version. And to top it all off…I’m not even going to proof it. I’m too tired. Mistakes will be corrected at a later date. Deal with it.

And now…I’m going to bed. Goodnight all.

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Saturday, September 29, 2007 at 1:45 pm (Get outta town!, She's baaack!)

I’m coming home!!! See you tomorrow James Nixon! I love you!

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Welcome to the planet…welcome to existence

Saturday, September 22, 2007 at 6:07 pm (Get outta town!, Murmurs from the Future)

Tomorrow morning I will start my journey to northwest Arkansas to meet our new niece. The plan is for me to arrive before her. Julie goes into the hospital at 7am and then they’ll do all that medical stuff they do and finally begin inducing her. I’m probably going to leave around 8am and that should give me plenty of time to get there before any real labor begins, hopefully. I am super excited (and blessed!)  to be able to go and be there when my still unnamed niece enters this world!

However, as much as I’m looking forward to this, a big part of me is dreading leaving. Call me mushy, call me sappy, whatever, but I am quite sad to be leaving my sweet James. Since the baby will be coming tomorrow and my 10 year reunion is next week I have decided to stay for an entire week. Leaving on Sunday…coming home on Sunday.  That’s a long time for me to be without my husband! And the thing is…the past 2 months have been FULL of travel sans James. So that makes this even harder. The other bummer about this is that Tuesday is my birthday. No Jamey to bring me breakfast in bed and cater to my every need. Well, excluding the breakfast in bed he does the other part nearly year round so I guess I’ll be okay. His birthday is coming up in October, along with our anniversary so we’ll just have some major celebrating to do when I get back. AND…I do take comfort in knowing that after this trip…life is going to slow down, at least travel-wise.I have no further trips planned at this point that do not include James. Well, he is going to Vegas for a couple of days for work but at least HE gets to go and do the fun stuff that time (while I relax at home). Other than that…it’s going to be more “we” and less “me” and that makes this gal very happy.

On another subject…I believe I have decided upon a name for the photography business. Are you ready? Okay…it’s going to be called…oh, wait. I can’t tell you yet because I’m still negotiating the .com domain transfer with the current owner. I don’t want anybody else to sneak in there and steal my name (not that any of YOU would, but I get readers from all of the world you know…). Anyway, as soon as the .com thing is finalized I’ll do the big announcement. Until then…you’ll just have to put up with more sleepless nights of wondering. Since I know that’s what’s been on the forefront of your minds and all…

And on the final note…I am seriously hoping for some inspiration soon. I miss writing. I miss thoughts flowing from my fingers and typing themselves without hesitation. I miss wit and humor and sarcasm (or my meager attempt at them, anyway). I think I just miss my slow-paced life. I think that after this trip I will get back to it. I think that I won’t have another worry about being away from home for so long. I think…I think when it’s all said and done and life becomes normal again…I’ll be back to thinking. Clearly. Easily. With less distraction and more time. Can I get a hallelujah?

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