All I really need to know about life after marriage I learned from teenagers. Lesson #1

Thursday, July 26, 2007 at 11:34 pm (Lessons Learned)

First things first…if you want to know what I really think about the post below this go here and read #5. Okay…everybody’s moving on now, right?

So, last Thursday I took 3 girls from our youth group to Six Flags. What a day! Seriously those girls and I had more fun than words will do justice. However, I learned a few things. This has inspired me to start a series of lessons learned that will appear here periodically. Here is the first installment:

Lesson #1: It is deemed acceptable for a married woman to wear the oft-dreaded fanny pack.

I have never been put in this position before. In the past, my mother wore the fanny pack or my husband had cargo pockets. This time it was just me and 3 teenage girls. What? Did you think THEY would wear the pack? Our feminine pockets aren’t friendly to the money, keys, hand sanitizer etc. that would have to be carried around the park. What was I suppose to do? I have a dear friend (the mother of one of these girls) who graciously packed us a cooler full of bottled waters and Gatorades. She also brought me the best fanny pack one could wear. When I say the “best” I mean that it is a Nike pack and the swoosh adds a somewhat sporty look to the otherwise matronly item (Yes, I may be married but that does not mean I have to be matronly). She laughed and told me at least it was a cool fanny pack. I agreed. It is the coolest of the uncool (at least for a place like Six Flags…can’t quite wear the designer leather series here). So…what else could I do?

On the way to the park I joked with the girls about the fanny pack but they quickly assured me, in all seriousness that “It’s okay to wear a fanny pack if you’re married.” What? Did I miss the memo? Maybe it’s actually more along the lines of “It’s okay to wear a fanny pack if you’re married and you’re not my mother.” So through the reassuring voices of “cool” teenagers I opted for the pack…I really shouldn’t even word it like that since it wasn’t really a choice but a necessity. I wore that pack as it should be worn, around the waist for about 9 of the 13 hours we were there. Towards the end I realized I could just sling it over my shoulder and I wore it that way instead. Why I didn’t do this sooner I have no idea but I’m really not torturing myself over that…I AM married after all! But don’t expect to see me wearing it at the mall with socks and sandals on…cuz IT JUST AIN’T HAPPENING.

UPDATE: After a couple of demands (see comments on this post) to see pictures of me wearing the pack I have decided to post this picture. This is our “pre-park” picture…and I made DARN SURE that I took off the fanny pack prior to the taking the pic (which for the record is why my shirt is all jumbled up at the bottom…proof! I did wear it.) I didn’t take the camera in the park because I really didn’t want to take any chances with it getting wet…and it definitely would have, though it also would have been great to have more pics. The girls and I did pose for the Titan camera each time we rode it but you’ve got to be seriously impaired if you think I’m going to spend 10 bucks for a park picture. Anyway, here it is…sorry but it’s all I’ve got.





  1. Megan said,

    I want to see pictures of you wearing the dreaded pack!

  2. Sara said,

    You have to post a picture of this!

  3. Mrs. Nixon said,

    Did you gals forget who you’re dealing with? We took a picture before entering the park…and I made it a POINT to take off that silly pack. I don’t forget the details darlings…but let me just say that the reason my shirt is such a mess is because I had just taken off the pack. I didn’t take my camera into the park b/c I didn’t want to chance it getting wet. Sorry…safety first. I”ll post our pre-park pic.

  4. Sharee said,

    Oh my goodness!!!! You know I HAVE to make fun of you now…what’s next, a mini-van?? he he he. And, I totally want to come with you guys next time…how fun is that!?! Do you work with the youth group during the year??

  5. Mrs. Nixon said,

    Sharee…you be nice now! I wish we could go again this summer and take you! It was a total blast! I am working with the youth now that I’m not “working”. Life is good. AND…no to the mini-van although my sister, who is completely NOT a mini-van-type-mama just got one because she fell in love with the inside and the roominess. Also…a friend from high school (another non-mini-van-type-mama) has one…WHAT IS HAPPENING? When did comfort take the place of style? Oh…besides in my closet because that happened the summer of ’99. Thanks a lot Sky Ranch. You ruined me.

  6. Mrs. Nixon said,

    OH…and to all my so-called “FRIENDS”…if one more of you makes another sassy little comment about this I’m going to have to pull out the BIG guns and tell you EXACTLY what else happening WHILE I was wearing the fanny pack. Just because a woman does what a woman HAS to do does not make her less attractive…so there! 😉

  7. sara said,

    Thanks for posting the pic! I added you to my links!

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