I think I’ve seen it all…

Saturday, July 21, 2007 at 12:50 pm (Seriously?)

…does that mean I’m going to die soon? I just wanted to tell you one thing regarding my previous post on cell phone usuage (The Pocket God Habit: A Small Sermon). I took a few of my youth gals from Allen Bible to Six Flags on Thursday (which I will blog more on later for it was a glorious day!) and there I saw what I never could have even imagined. It was night time and we were enjoying a ride on the Runaway Mine Train. If you’ve never been on this ride it is an oldie but a goodie. It’s not big but it is a classic that remains fun time after time. On about our sixth ride in a row (we didn’t even have to get off due to the lack of a line) a lady and her young child were seated in front of me. Right before the “big” hill that goes down through a tunnel her cell phone rang and yes, she answered it! About 2 seconds after she answered it we were on the way down the hill while screaming through the darkness. Well, actually there was a little light glowing from her phone but anyway…she tried to talk on it but through all our screaming I guess she gave up and hung up when we were almost all the way through the tunnel. Have you EVER been on a roller-coaster with someone talking on their cell phone? Well, now I have and now I can say that when it comes to cell phones…I think I’ve seen it all.


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