Leaving on a jet plane…

Monday, July 2, 2007 at 12:05 am (Get outta town!)

Well, it was beautiful while it lasted…but…my time here is short. Yes, I just got back into the groove of things on this fabulous blog but I am having to leave you. Again. BUT, please don’t fret because I’m ONLY going on vacation. Yes, it’s that time of the year when a sunny little island in the Caribbean is needing to get a party started. So…they called in the big guns (that would be me and possibly Pink). Hubby and I are about to jet-set outta this land of concrete and more concrete to a one of plush paradise, otherwise known as Great Exuma. Small, enchanting and neighbor to islands owned by Johnny Depp, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, Nicolas Cage and other poverty stricken stars. The occasion? My brother is getting hitched. That’s right ladies…he’s off the market. Josh and Meredith will be joining the rest of us who are already experiencing wedded bliss but they will be doing it island style. July 6th is the date for the blessed affair. Four Seasons is the place. Sorry you won’t be there. You can however, have almost as great a week as I just knowing that I will be back next Monday with pictures and stories! Okay, maybe your week won’t compare to mine but let’s just get over that fact.

For those of you who know my brother or his soon to be wife (or those of you who are just nosy (I prefer the word curious, myself…)) you can follow along on through their wedding website. http://meredithandjosh.com/ And can I just ask one thing before I go? WHEN did wedding websites become “the thing” to do? I personally think they’re great but there are some out there who just got jipped when it came to my wedding. There was no website…no island…no week-long vacation (well, not for them anyway)…ahhh, but wait! It was in a glass chapel, I did have an amazing dress, my father performed the ceremony, my loved ones were there, I did surprise my husband with a wedding song (see #38 of 102 Thing About Me), oh and I did mention that I married the man of my dreams? No? Well, that too…so…who I am kidding? It was my favorite wedding, hands down! (I feel a thank you is most appropriate right now…Mom, Dad…thank you for giving me every little girl’s dream.)

Well, on that happy memory I’m saying so long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, good night…have a terrific week, darlings!



  1. karen said,

    Hi, Jonna! Thanks for coming by my blog–I’d love to catch up…though I must say that there’s not much up here. šŸ™‚ Shoot me an e-mail, and I’d love for you to link to my blog. I need to go and update my links sometime soon. I always forget how to do it and have to have my hubby give me a refresher course. Have fun in the Caribbean and tell Josh “congrats!”

  2. crystal said,

    hey!!! Have fun on your trip!!! Luv ya-

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